Stadiums are not just for sport – they are entertainment precincts

From sports to entertainment hubs – how the modern stadium is transforming.

Simple sports venues are now multi-faceted entertainment precincts.
Our expert investigates the top trends stadiums are adopting to attract more patronage.
By Rob Clifford



Each city has at least one – an iconic sports stadium that over decades has become a much loved beacon of hope for sports fans of all descriptions.

But what was once simply a venue for cricket, footy, soccer or athletics is now so much more. Features like bars, entertainment hubs, dining, memorabilia, museums and corporate hospitality are fast becoming permanent fixtures of sports stadiums across Australia and the world. Our MD Rob Clifford explores the trends that modern stadiums are now adopting to attract sports fans and retain more share of their entertainment dollar.

Trend # 1: Range of accessible experiences for members

There needs to be a range of hospitality experiences for members to ensure they continue to engage with the stadium on an ongoing basis. Members’ facilities must range from formal to casual, reserved to ad hoc and ensure that all products are perceived to be a value proposition.

Traditional members’ hospitality delivered value via a discount for members. This is no longer the key value. Exclusive areas and dining privileges are now a key driver in members’ areas.

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